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The healthiest, easiest and most economical alternative.

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Tampons and pads absorb, OrganiCup simply collects! This eliminates irritation and dryness while ensuring the natural pH balance is kept intact. Pads and tampons typically contain problematic additives (bleach, chlorine, glue, perfume, lotion). More than a quarter of the fluids absorbed by a tampon are natural and necessary vaginal secretions.

OrganiCup purely consists of medical grade silicone. Silicone is made from natural materials, is ultra hygienic and antibacterial. It is bleach-free, glue-free, chlorine-free, perfume-free and lotion-free! Tampons have been associated with the disease TSS (toxic shock syndrome) since the 1980´s. OrganiCup has never been associated with TSS. Nor any allergies. And, the world's first menstrual cup was invented in the 30´s by a woman.


OrganiCup is reusable and should be emptied, normally twice a day. It is secured in position by a light vacuum, and the soft material won´t make you feel a thing!


  • having to buy pads or tampons
  • forgetting to bring your tampons to school or work
  • asking your partner to buy your pads or tampons
  • hiding pads or tampons under your sleeve
  • frequent bathroom runs
  • fear of leaking and constant uncertainty
  • scheduling holidays around your period
  • odour problems

You can also use OrganiCup during the night – the days where you had to sleep with a specific pad are over!

You can use OrganiCup for sports too: go swimming, jogging, riding. Do yoga, jumping jacks or stand upside down. Unlike a tampon, the soft material even adjusts to your body, ensuring you won´t feel it.

You can use OrganiCup ahead of time to avoid being "unprepared".

How does it work?

  1. Fold and insert: OrganiCup unfolds in the body and is secured in position by a light vacuum.
  2. Wear for 12 hours: If you have a moderate to heavy flow, you might have to empty it more frequently. OrganiCup collects the menstrual fluids.
  3. Empty into the toilet and rinse: Give it a rinse and re-insert.

How do I clean it in a public bathroom? You simply wipe with toilet paper and rinse when you get home.

OrganiCup is no larger than a conventional tampon (maximum 5 cm), has no cords and can contain 3 times more than a large tampon.


In 10 years, a woman will use 3.600 pads or tampons. If OrganiCup is used correctly, it will last up to 10 years! Price every 10 years: 12 months x 5 € x 10 years = 600 €!

OrganiCup is also a lot better for the environment. Here is why:

Tampons and pads are made to be used and thrown away. This creates a lot of waste and will harm our environment. If a lifetime of tampons were stacked together, the height would be 1,6 km, equal to 5 Eiffel Towers!

1 Month: 30 pads & tampons - 1 year: 360 pads & tampons - 10 years: 3600 pads & tampons


1 OrganiCup

Choose OrganiCup and help reduce the impact on our natural environment while keeping your body healthier, your life easier and your wallet fuller!

OrganiCup is available in two versions:

  • Size A: for women under 30 who haven´t given birth naturally
  • Size B: for women who have given birth naturally or women over 30

Note: Please note that we don´t recommend using a contraceptive IUD together with OrganiCup without consulting your doctor or gynaecologist first.

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OrganiCup size B
The healthiest, easiest and most economical alternative.

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